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Xome will sell your home at no cost to you, with the help of a full service local agent. In addition to being listed on the MLS and online listing sites, your home will also be listed on the Xome Offer Marketplace. The Xome Offer Marketplace is a auction platform that allows buyers to bid on your home. You will have full control over the pricing and the decision of selling. You will not have to pay any commissions, as Xome charges the buyer a commission.
  • Xome works with local agents in your area.
  • Xome works with you in person.
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Selling your home with Xome

How Xome Works

  • Submit home and contact information
  • Xome agent calls you to coordinate initial listing documentation
  • Agent coordinates a marketing plan for your house
  • Your home will be listed on the MLS and syndicated sites
  • Schedule your home to be listed as a featured listing on the Xome Offer Marketplace
  • Xome agent coordinates home showings
  • Your agent will guide you through reviewing offers
  • Your agent guides you through closing

Xome Fees

Plan NamePrice
Service Fee$0 flat fee*

* Buyer pays Xome a commission, you don't. May be subject to additional fees if third parties are involved.

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Xome will sell your home with the help of a full service local agent.
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