FSBO Reviews: Fizber.com

by Victor Zhang • September 25, 2018

While only operating in a few locations, Fizber utilizes technology to offer a great for sale by owner experience.

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Fizber, while only operating in limited locations, utilizes technology to offer a great user experience and provides homeowners with all the resources they need to sell their home.

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  • Free site listing
  • Use of technology
  • Home valuation


  • Availability

Quick Stats

Founded in 2006
Average customer saves $15,000
Currently has 75,000 FSBO Listings

Fizber Review

Fizber offers a variety of solutions to help you sell your home one your own.
Every listing comes with a free home valuation that includes a comparative market analysis, expert evaluation, and neighborhood stats. In addition to traditional marketing services, they can also help you create a video tour. The video tour is not a 3D scan but rather a video using the photos of your home as a slideshow. One advantage of using Fizber is the accesss to their technology. For example, you have access to their open house software where you can manage any open houses and track potential buyers who come in.

Compared to other for sale by owner websites, Fizber offers more moderately priced packages. With multiple packages, homeowners can choose exactly what they need and potentially save more money.

How Fizber works

When selling your home, Fizber will provide you with the tools necessary to sell your home. To compare, a regular home sale progresses as follows:

  1. Summarize everything about your home in a listing
  2. Market your home and home listing
  3. Negotiate offers
  4. Close on the Home

Here are the services provided by Fizber:

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive different tiers of resources. The most basic tier is free, allowing you to post your home listing onto its website. Next up, if you would like anything beyond a simple listing, you can move up to their digital marketing package that will list your home on more home search sites while also creating marketing material for you. You will also get access to their open house software. Your home will also appear as a featured listing on Fizber’s platform.

How the MLS Listing works: after purchasing their package, a broker will reach out to you by email and will send you MLS paperwork. add your listing to the MLS. Even though you are working with a broker, you will still need to take care of your listing, for instance answering buyer questions, negotiate, and handle closing paperwork.

All contact information will be of the broker that lists your home on the MLS. Same goes for Realtor.com and Zillow. Any inquiries the broker gets will be forwarded to you.

Pricing and Services

Free Listing

  • Listing on Fizber.com

Digital Marketing Package $99

  • Listing on Fizber.com, Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin
  • Featured Listing
  • Digital property brochure
  • Flyers
  • Open House Manager

MLS Package $295

  • Listing on Fizber.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, and the MLS
  • Featured Listing

Premium MLS Package $349

  • Listing on Fizber.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, and the MLS
  • Featured Listing
  • Digital property brochure
  • Flyers
  • Open House Manager

If your property is listed on the MLS, you will need to offer a buyer’s agent commission (normally 2 - 3%) in addition to these fees.

Digital Marketing Package ($245 for 30 days)

  • Will create and target ads for your property.
  • Advertise to target audiences on FB
  • There will be a lead capture form that buyers can submit to get more info, and get them directly to a listing page for your home
  • Renew for $200 after first month for an additional 30 days
    Your listing is shown to 6-8k active homebuyers
    10-15 direct inquiries about your home
    Bimonthly report that updates you on marketing activity


Money Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason you are unable to sell on your own with Fizber's packages, you are entitled to a full refund if you qualify for their money back guarantee program. This will require you to sell with a licensed agent that is part of Fizber's agent network. To qualify, send guarantee@fizber.com an email saying that you would like to qualify. Fizber is motivated to refund you if you sell with one of their partner agents because they will receive a referral fee from that agent, which allows them to fully refund you of any fees you paid for their FSBO packages. You will need to send a closing settlement statement or HUD-1 to Fizber to confirm the sale with their partner agent to receive your refund. If you do not qualify for the money back guarantee, then you will not be able to get a refund.

Bottom Line

If Fizber is available in your location, they can prove to be a helpful resource for your home sale. They utilize technology to market your home using modern methods and provides you with online tools that will make your life easier during the process. Even if you are unable to sell on your own, Fizber will guarantee their packages by letting you sell with one of their agents to receive a full refund on any of the packages you purchase.