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How to find and compare real estate agents online

by Victor Zhang • July 14, 2018

Many real estate transactions, including finding an agent, are simpler and more transparent. Finding an agent in the 21st century has never been easier!

Majority of home sellers resort to personal referrals when choosing a real estate agent to represent them. Though this may be the easiest way to find an agent, it may not provide you with the best results. Due to the rise of technology, many real estate transactions, including finding an agent, are simpler and more transparent. Finding an agent in the 21st century has never been easier, as there are now many online services that will connect you with agents that match your exact needs.

Finding an agent online

There are a couple of ways to find an agent online. These websites and services include agent comparison, franchise agent directories, and general agent directories.

Agent Comparison

There are two types of agent comparison sites: data driven and proposal driven. Data driven websites use algorithms that rank agents based on various factors such as transaction volume, customer reviews, educational background, and more. Proposal driven comparison sites will send you proposals from local agents that include similar information, along with the commission rates they charge. Ultimately, who you end up going with is up to you.

Franchise Agent Directories

If you already have a specific brokerage brand you prefer to use, they will most likely have a directory of their current agents available online. Just type in your location, and you will see all of the local agents in your area that are licensed under that franchise.

General Agent Directories

General agent directories work the same way as franchise agent directories, but with agents from any franchise or brokerage. If you are looking for an agent and have no preference to the franchise, then utilize a general directory to see all agents around your location.

Any of these tools will provide value and help you find an agent to hire. If you want an automated process to match you with local agents, use agent comparisons tools. If you prefer doing your own research, try using an agent directory. Of course, you can use both when conducting your research. Keep in mind that these are tools to help you find an agent, it is still recommended to interview a few to get a better grasp of which agent is the right fit for you.

Top reasons to find an agent online

  1. Convenience. You can easily compare different agents around your location if you utilize agent comparison platforms
  2. Negotiate the best rate. Some online agent finders will have local agents send you personalized proposals. With a better understanding of the different commission rates offered, you can better negotiate a rate with your agent

Compare Find an agent services

Upnest is a platform where agents compete for your business. Receive different proposals from agents around you.
Homelight is a platform that helps you find local agents that best fits your needs using comprehensive analytics.
Zillow is a marketplace of real estate listings and provides knowledge and data on the listings. You can list your home for free to gain exposure on the largest real estate marketplace.
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